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COVID Nov 25, 2022: Update on Cases, Hospitalizations and Deaths


by Calculated Risk on 11/25/2022 08:08:00 PM

NOTE: COVID stats are updated on Fridays.

On COVID (focus on hospitalizations and deaths). Data has switched to weekly.Weekly deaths bottomed in July 2021 at 1,666.

COVID MetricsNowWeekAgoGoalNew Cases per Week2?305,082281,691<=35,0001Hospitalized221,29321,578<=3,0001Deaths per Week2?2,6442,266<=35011my goals to stop weekly posts,2Weekly for Cases, Currently Hospitalized, and Deaths? Increasing number weekly for Cases, Hospitalized, and Deaths
? Goal met.

Click on graph for larger image.

This graph shows the weekly (columns) number of deaths reported.

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