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The Wall Street Journal: FAA boosts time-off between shifts for flight attendants


U.S. flight-safety regulators will require flight attendants to have more time off between shifts, officials said Tuesday, a rule Congress called for four years ago.

Under the mandate, flight attendants who work 14 hours or less will have a guaranteed 10 consecutive hours off, up from nine now and eight during certain circumstances, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.

Unions representing flight attendants for years have advocated for a longer rest period, according to labor leaders and regulatory filings, saying that more time off between shifts would combat fatigue among staffers who must be ready to respond to emergencies.

The new rule takes effect 30 days after it is officially published, and airlines have up to 90 days to ensure schedules for flight attendants conform with it, a spokeswoman for the FAA said.

The FAA requirement would equalize rest periods between airline pilots, who currently have at least 10 hours between shifts, and flight attendants, officials said.

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